No one is above depression. 

Depression is has a killer instinct. The way Beyond Blue – Australia’s federally funding Depression & Anxiety help channel traditionally aimed at breaking the social standard for men and women trying to persevere through mental health issues. The insight I found amongst people was that they see depression and deep anxiety issues a part of every day life – that you should learn to be able to ‘cope’ / ‘bare’ in order to rise above them and evolve. This is an independent concept I developed and proposed to Beyond Blue to interactively create a discussion between the brand and the consumer – much like a psychiatrist would do. See inspiration below.

Ambient / Print Advertisement

What is different to other Anti-smoking campaigns – 

You see the groups of smokers outside of commercial buildings and hospitality areas like bars and restaurants, where they are now restricted in most of the western world now to smoking in these designated areas. The opportunity lies in taking advantage of the time someone spends in this position smoking their cigarette – pondering and star gazing. It’s a extended time period to communicate the message. This campaign does it require purchasing of advertising shells and television commercials in order to send our message. 

Basic Concept Layout – 

We set up life sized billboards photos of unhealthy and unhappy actors with cigarettes in there hands – bunched up together like a herd of scared animals in a slaughterhouse. The message we are trying to convey is that these ‘smokers’  are the last of their species, not that they dying from smoking, but rather giving it up and moving on. 

Where they literally would be perceived as the last remaining of their species (not really, but works being animalistic relevant with climate change and extinction marketing of tactics). 

Why it would work? 

Instead of being printed on high detail paper or matt, we only used low end glossed poster paper, the same you see on band posters on the side of the road that deteriorates quickly.. But this is the catch, and is used to our advantage. These advertisement will be printed on a nearly life scale size mirror, where if you have having a cigarette, it feels like you are either looking into a mirror or these people are in the advertisement are their with you sharing the same air. Like any crappy advertisement like this, you will have certain people who will likely graffiti or try destroy these ads.. Which comes to our advantage.. The more rundown the ads look, the more they look as though they come from a previous generation where they have been left behind, and even the notion of ‘quiting smoking’ as gone out of fashion.