Oh, Heineken. Sweet Heineken. Be mine. 

For the majority of us, the Valentine season never works in our favour. We want it to end before it even begins, as the reality usually ends up something like this – Opening scene out of Bridget Jones Diary

Watch the clip here.

or for those in relationships, your partner ends up being completely and utterly pathetic and failing to really hit the Ryan Gosling level you were expecting.

I formulated a way for Heineken beer to be ‘People’s Valentine’ – a way that makes the brand fill that vulnerable and desperate spot people are looking for during this season.  It doesn’t necessarily advocate drinking, but it does attempt to create a beer that just ‘gets people’. This concept could literally be seen as one big ironic joke, or it could actually have some meaning for those who still take Valentine’s Day seriously – similarly to kid’s who still have Xmas spirit.

It’s a win/win either way.
Packaging Design  / Event Strategy

How this concept works. 

The two universal physiological standards for telling if people are ‘sexually frustrated’ or ‘looking for love’ is if they constantly pick/peal the labels of their drinks, or chew the ends of their straws. My idea is to print poetic rhetoric (hallmark style) under every heineken beer that is distributed over this period the humbly sending loving vibes to those in need of them for the Valentine’s Season.
This rollout has no PR from Heineken company at all, only the ‘wtf’ social media response to this from drinkers who unexpected find this message suck underneath their beverage. Only encouraging more people to buy one of these products and test the waters.

Why the change from Star to Heart?

In order for something to be a romantic gesture – it needs to be a surprise. It needs to be out of the ordinary comfort zone so people can tell you are going ‘that’ little bit further. Here, without Heineken releasing any press regarding this notion of temporarily changing the it’s star, will only add to the mystery of this concept. Keeping people just guessing, ‘what are they up to?’

The principle of this is to illustrate Heineken’s efforts to ‘do something special for it’s drinkers’. It about going above and beyond the standard we all know and although it means allow product distortion, however it would only run for 2 weeks approximately, limiting the duration and number of products printed in this limited edition.