Unpublished TV Commercial for feeding your dogs better. 

The entire commercial is softly narrated by a British man with a similar tone to that of David Attenborough or Ringo Starr (Thomas the Tank Engine). Set to explain the series of events occurring in the car like a BBC1 documentary or a priest publicly reading a biblical lesson to a church sitting. The goal ultimately to humanise the dog as part of the family as someone rather than “something” that needs to be feed well! Otherwise the consequences will be dire. 

“Here we see a young loving family – migrating to the coast for some much needed Rest and Relaxation in the summer months. When suddenly, a silent strike from airborne predator that can’t be seen or heard. No scent, other than the smell can feel the strike lurk in the space of the vehicle. One by one they turn on each other, fighting to survival, not even the alfa-male can protect this young from vile invisible mist consuming his tribe. When all hope is almost lost, we look to the most unlikely of crimails, who continues to sit and smile as he unknowingly destroys the very moral fabric of family who has raised him as a small pup. It only takes one bad meal to unleash chaos on those he loves most. here they learn the pedigree lesson, feed them well. “

Television Commercial Video Production

Opening Shot – 

A shot of a family talking happily amongst themselves about what they want to do once they arrive at their destination. The two children are cheering as their father teases them sarcastically about their will not have any fun. Whilst their mother in the right front seats laughs happily – until a smell hits her noise. 

Secondary Shot – 

The camera pans from left to right across slowly to show the mothers eyes stretch open in shock. She looks like she is about to vomit, but does not implicate that it is a smell that is making her sick. It could be from car sickness, a thought or anything. The husband looks over worried she is going to throw up in the car and places her hand on her back, looking back and forward between her and the road. 

Third Shot – 

In sync – both the kids make a similar face to their mother and look across each other furious that the other one is to blame. The girl looks like she is about to cry and the boy looks like he is going to attack this sister. Both cover their noses and mouths, to make it evidentially clear everyone in the car is now suffering from the smell of the victim. 

Forth Shot – 

All the parties in the car go for the windows like it’s their last breathes on this earth. This shot is taken from outside of the car – sees the father try and maintain control of the vehicle on the road as the tyres screech. He tries to put his fingers on the button to let down the window and eventually manages to do so and scream for air. Meanwhile the son in the backseat struggles to breathe over the child locked window, so relentlessly tries to pull himself up over the window frame to reach the fresher air. 

Fifth Shot – 

This shot is taken from the rear of the car, behind the back seats. You can see both the parents look over the shoulders of their seats to confront both of their children, who they believe is responsible for this whole saga. Both children point the fingers at the opposing sibling and continue to whinge until breaking into a fight. The father reaches over to break up them up, so the mother desperately tries to grab the steering wheel to stop them from crashing. 

Sixth Shot – 

The father grabs the wheel of the car and yells as in a Chevy Chase style – swerving back and forward to eventually controlling the vehicle and driving safely again. The mother puts her head in her hands and children continue to rumble and pull each others hair in the back seat. The camera slowly zooms into towards the dog who has done nothing but smile the during the whole event. The dog tilts his head with a smile on his face like an adorable conscious attempt to maintain his innocence. The audience knows how the whole time it was the dog, who ate something awful and created this whole mess. 

Final Shot – 

The shot snaps to the logo of the Pedigree brand. And the text below types in from left to right with a shiny effect on it.