Driver Fatigue Software Build

I was asked to find a virtually costless strategy to prevent driver fatigue accidents in Queensland (Australia). Research showed that the most perceptible market to these causalities was in fact the people in the work force commuting to and from work. The key was influencing that last decisive moment when drivers are contemplating driving tired. The placement restrictions of Billboards and TVCs makes it very difficult to communicate to drivers at this decisive instance, so we came up with a sneaky way of infiltrating them without the need for media buying.

Special Build (Software) / Corporate Partnership 

Note: these is my preliminary illustrations for pitching.
How do I attack the market?

When a computer falls asleep or goes into screen saver mode, you ‘wake it up’ but playing with it. No one has been able to see the relevance in communicating a message via screensaver but if it could be handled by an IT department and the intranet, you could affectively intervene before staff left the office. Every computer linked to a work network plays a series of journeys as a screensaver, travelling through urban and rural settings. Some of these journeys have no problems, others slowly drift off or into the middle of the road causing an accident. 

Wake your computer up!  

These scenes work like soothing ambience, just as any screen savers fundamentally does. We communicate that getting in a car tired is the same as playing ‘Russian roulette” – you are NOT in control. Your own response to seeing is to shake your mouse and ‘wake up’ your computer, where you naturally become of the aware of the outcomes of driving fatigued. It offers you two alternatives – ordering a company UBER or booking a hotel.