Sony Music x Playstation VR- Product Strategy / New Business Innovation

Sony is music. And now with the release of its Playstation VR system, their potential to push this product beyond than what Samsung and other ocular pieces can is real. Once upon a time consumers were given the ability to stream festivals live played as the most innovating part of the industry. Now, that ability is standardised for almost all major music festivals in the world. The question agencies are constantly getting asked – how to do get more people to try our VR system?  

How do we make more consumers test Sony VR products?

Those who use VR – love it. The notion ‘once you do that, you will never go back’ legitimately sums up the mass critic of this technological innovation. This Sony future concept is based on creating a way people cannot only stream live music, but through VR technology allow consumers to take a first person perspective of their favourite music artists as they play at festivals, even swapping between different band members during the show. Using your PlayStation as a hub tool you can browse through an entire festival timetable, take a front seat or a rockstar view and literally feel the sensation of VR entertainment as an entertainer.

Once upon a time, the idea of artists having a music video was the most pioneered element of the industry. This could be a landmark for building another dimension to the music industry. Be the musician. Create an experience that checkmates the notion ‘you need to be there to know what I was talking about’. 

Why it would work? 

On a weekend where 30 festivals are on in the Northern Hemisphere summer, you could lay back on the couch and pick through 20 different playstation channels perspectives of your favourite festival. Image first person streaming of Coachella from the backstage, or being Anthony Kiedis’ shoes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as he runs around singing in front of 80,000 fans . You could plat yourself front row in the moshpit, completely sweat-free, or simply walk around and experience the energy. 

That friend we all had that you told if they put the amount of into actually playing the guitar instead of playing GuitarHero’s – they would be as good as Hendrix. Well, they can forget an animated crowd. They know what it feels like to play VR first person in front of 100000 fans, knowing somewhere in the world they are really screaming and applauding.   

Supporting Summy – 

The Sony PlayStation VR system is the next generation answer to both supporting the music industry and competitively positioning Sony against other VR platforms. Unlike Samsung, Sony has the rights and relationships as a record label to get allow this for artists and festivals alike. As with all technologies, the rhetoric revolves around ‘eliminating boundaries’, and that is what we are trying to establish here. No time clashes.. All access to every corner, to follow artists background.. Truly feel that moment what it’s like be a rockstar with the screaming of thousands fans ringing your ears..