SYOU Sneakers Colombia

SYOU is a concept started by a Nike brand strategist working out of Africa prior to the 2010 South Africa Football World Cup. They saw the creative potential and production resources of these African countries and formulated a way they can tell a story to the rest of the world – through sneakers.  SYOU unearths artistic talents amongst countries better known as dangerous, dark corners of the globe. All products are produced in the same country as the talents are from, with the talents receiving a percentage of profit from every pair sold.

UX Design / Brand Art Direction / Social Media Strategy

Medellín, Colombia

I started working for SYOU when I was originally based in San Fransisco, but given the intimate nature of the brand I ended up flying down to live in Colombia to get it off the ground. Before I started the brand was previously called “ISYOU’ meaning – ‘I see talent all over the world’, I rebranded it to be clearer and also more translatable between English, Spanish and Dutch. I developed the design for e-commerce store and also managed the social media channels – building from just a few Instagram and Facebook followers to over 75000+.