World Wildlife Fund (Australia) – Ivory Economics & other work. 

WWF has fought off the extinction of Africa’s White Rhino and Elephants for over 50 years – all for a war again Ivory poachers. The sustained campaign rhetoric funds the wages of armed soldiers who now stand day and night at the animal’s side – vigorously protecting the remaining few. It only takes poachers winning a few battles before the whole war is lost and these species are annihilated. So I created a way to weaken the enemies financial supply instead of just continually arming the front line in a stagnate fist fight. 

Internal Action Strategy, Economic Strategy.

Getting Down On Your Enemies Level.

My strategy goes behind enemy lines and disrupts the fiscal value of Ivory on the global market. Just as the designer fashion industry suffers from forgery of designer clothing products and accessories, the WWF can initiate the same in the Ivory trade. There already exists the full production method to create fake ivory with Polymer Clay, and in order to distinguish its authenticity means breaking the piece anyway.

View this low cost production of mass artificial fossilized bone (IVORY) with Polymer Clay.

This never has it been used by the WWF to create a negative economic impact against the industry. Injecting artificial faux Ivory into a scare market induces a price change – just like an commodity. If you take Oil away from ISIS, they now struggle to fund their wars, so can be the case with Ivory trade in Africa. You are poisoning the core mechanism of the enemy, rather than pushing it in the face. 

The End Game

You can’t win a war by only killing the head of an illegal operation. But if you confidentially producing and pushing the sale of fake ivory through the markets in on the grounds, you are diluting markets. Same occurs with Louis Vuitton bags, forged paintings or whoever it may be. It’s literally a case of playing by the enemies standards.

Weaponise (Anti-Pollution) – World Wildlife Fund (Australia) 

A simple freelance job to build abshell campaign that would influence consumers on a street level to stop polluting Sydney and Melbourne streets. 

Qantas flies direct to Rather than becoming another airline that pushes to offset their carbon omission, you can donate directly towards the animals in the country you are travelling too.  By actively communicating when purchasing youflight and that thaasking for donations that go towards protecting the animals in the direct region you are travelling too.

Australia is surrounded by vital ecosystems in South East Asia, the Pacific, New Zealand and of course domestically. What better way to encourage donations than to link this